What is the best time for helicopter ride?

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What is the best time for helicopter ride?

best time for helicopter ride

The view from above is always breathtaking. Whether soaring over a cityscape or a mountain top, there’s something truly magical and majestic about taking flight and soaring over the world. It is a view unlike any other, which is why so many fall in love with helicopter tours. A helicopter tour provides this awe-inspiring experience simply not possible through any other means of transportation. Planes go too fast, and hot air balloons offer limited visibility and flight patterns. A helicopter makes it possible to go anywhere and to see anything.

So if you’re considering a helicopter tour you’re in for a treat. There’s truly no wrong or bad time to take a tour. But is one time better than others? It may just depend on what you’re interested in seeing and experiencing. However, here at Heliventures, we want to make sure your helicopter tour is everything you want it to be and more, so let us help you determine the very best time for helicopter ride.

What is the best time for helicopter ride?

Here’s how you can determine the best time for helicopter ride:

The Rising Sun

Even if you are a late sleeper, you know there’s something magical about seeing the sun peek over the horizon as it rises for the day. When considering the best time for helicopter ride tours, this is certainly one of them. There is a sense of accomplishment and rebirth that takes place as you watch the sunrise. It’s a beautiful feeling and yet, even though it is similar to a setting sun, there’s a different feeling to it. Because you know the day is just underway and not concluding. When you book a helicopter sunrise tour you’ll be able to take in first light as the sun comes. You’ll watch as the world below you comes to life. From Charlotte to the countryside. It is a unique experience and one to behold.

Different times of the year offer different chances to watch the rising sun warm the world. There’s an especially beautiful opportunity to take this in during the autumn months, as the leaves slowly change and the air grows crisp. The natural color of fall is something no other season can compete with, and watching these different colors pull in the sun’s first light is a treat.

Full Light

Perhaps you’re not a morning person. To catch a morning flight you need to arrive at the airfield early (we’re talking 4 or 5 AM early). Some people can do that, but for others, this is a true struggle. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options for you. With a helicopter tour during the day, you’ll be able to see everything below you with crystal clarity. It will also be easier to identify landmarks you might not have been able to spot early in the morning. Early morning flights are all about the rising sun and watching the world come to life. But full day flights give you a different take and shine a light on all your favorite destinations around town. Perhaps you want to see what your family business looks like in full light. Or maybe you and your significant other want to view where you went for your first date. There are ample opportunities for you with a helicopter tour, which is why a full light flight may be the best option for you.

Dusk Flights

Where the early morning flights are all about watching the sunrise, the dusk flights are all about the setting sun and experiencing the transition between dusk tonight. There’s a romantic feeling about a setting sun. Watching the world go from bright blue sky to shades of violet as the sun dips back down over the horizon. And then, as the sun continues its dip and out of view you’ll be able to watch the city lights pop on. The city fully lit up is a unique experience and it is something you just will not see during any other time of the day. It’s also why you should consider taking on multiple helicopter tours because each tour will give you something completely different from the last.

Seasonal Tours

As is the case with different times of day, there are different seasonal tour experiences. Every season presents you with a different viewing experience. During the summer you’ll see the world below in you in its full glory. Everything will be green and alive. If you decide to take a spring tour you might see some trees blossoming before growing leaves. During the autumn months, the world will once again take on a different visual splendor as you have a first-hand view of the trees changing colors. This is the very best time for helicopter ride. It isn’t too hot during the day and you’ll see the natural beauty of greater Charlotte for miles and miles. It’s a view you won’t get anywhere else.

Winter brings with it its natural beauty. Seeing the plant life slumber for the next several months is a unique experience, and if you manage to take a tour while snow is on the ground it is a beautiful and wonderful landscape. There’s a festive feeling when snow is on the ground, especially if you’re able to take in a winter wonderland during the holiday season. It takes your holiday spirit to a different level.

Whenever you decide to take a helicopter tour, the fact of the matter is there is no bad time to go. Just different experiences.

Book Your Helicopter Tour Today

It doesn’t matter if you want to tour during the early spring or late fall, if you want to fly over a NASCAR race or an NFL football game, if you want to experience the city life or country beauty, here at Heliventures we aim to make it happen. With us, every time is the best time for helicopter ride. And to begin your helicopter journey all you need to do is contact us. From calling us on the phone to emailing us through the website, we are here to assist. So, whatever form of communication you prefer, drop us a line or give us a call. We can’t wait to help make your Charlotte helicopter dreams come true.

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