5 Reasons a Birthday Helicopter Ride is the Perfect Gift

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5 Reasons a Birthday Helicopter Ride is the Perfect Gift

birthday helicopter ride

There’s nothing like a birthday gift unlike all other birthday gifts. Most people have received just about everything at least once before. From cards and clothing to gift certificates and even jewelry, it’s all been done. What hasn’t been done? What is one thing you can do for someone they likely haven’t done before?

A private ride in a helicopter, that’s what. A birthday helicopter ride provides a personal experience for the birthday boy or girl that’s completely unique. It gives them a brand-new experience in Charlotte even they may have lived here their entire life, all while the pilot can tour over different venues and destinations in the area. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to gift a birthday helicopter ride. In fact, here are five of them.

1. Perfect For Instagram

Lets face it, just about everything people post on Instagram is designed to make others jealous. Well, posting birthday pictures from a helicopter overlooking Charlotte is one of the best ways to do just that. Of course, there will also be plenty of beautiful views you will want to capture and save as well. From a sunset aerial shot to you and the birthday boy or girl wearing the headsets and looking out over the Charlotte skyline, there will be plenty of great photo opportunities you just can’t replicate anywhere else.

2. It’s Thrilling

Most people haven’t been in a helicopter before. Flying in a helicopter is very much different from flying in a plane. There’s more of an exotic, enticing feel to it. It’s an almost intimate flying experience because it’s just you, one or two other people, and a bubble of glass around you as you look about the city. You feel as if you’re part of the sky and the birds flying above it. You can also get far closer to certain locations than you could in a plane.

You can also take in certain locations in a completely new way. A sunset from the sky is unique when compared to a sunset from the land. You’ll also be able to see the Charlotte city lights and take in the city in full, instead of trying to find a nice view from your car or somewhere else in the city. So when you want a thrilling and yet perfectly safe birthday experience, you need to consider a birthday helicopter ride.

3. It’s Affordable

When you stop and consider all the different birthday options, activities, and event you can plan, many will end up costing you a pretty penny. And yet most of these activities that cost so much aren’t all that different from what you have already done before. Sure you could take them out for a nice dinner, but they’ve already had that dinner before (most likely). And even if you take them to a special outing somewhere else in Charlotte they haven’t experienced, chances are there will be dozens, if not hundreds of other people around who are doing the exact same thing. When there’s so many people around doing the same thing it has a way of taking the specialness out of it.

With a helicopter ride though you’ll pay an amount that is relatively affordable, especially when compared to a high-end dinner with all the fixings and drinks, yet it will be a unique experience that only the two of you get to share together (plus the pilot, of course). When it comes to a nice option that isn’t going to break the bank, you need to take advantage a birthday helicopter ride.


Have you ever taken a helicopter ride above the Charlotte? Have you ever been in a helicopter at all? Why not? After all, you only live once and do you really want to go through life without ever saying you’ve been in a helicopter before? This is as great of an excuse as any other to finally check this mode of travel off of your bucket list. And what better way than to do it on a birthday, taking in incredible views of the city.

There are plenty of helicopter adventures you can consider. If there is a certain location you’d like to fly over for the birthday you can discuss it with the staff to see if that is possible. If you’d like to fly near a sporting event like a Panthers game, or if you’d like to fly during a certain part of the day all of that may be possible as well. So, not only can you take advantage of this helicopter flying experience, but you can also make it your own and customize it to better fit what the birthday boy or girl would want.

5. They Won’t See It Coming

How often have you purchased a gift for someone and, while they act surprised, they either had been asking for it for a long time (and so assumed you’d buy it for them), or they already knew what you had bought in the first place? It kind of takes some of the excitement out of giving someone a gift. After all, giving something to someone can be especially rewarding, and the way they act and respond to the gift will make you feel pretty good about yourself. But when they already see it coming it dampens the mood a bit. With a helicopter ride, none of that will happen.

When you present someone with a birthday helicopter ride there’s a good chance they’ll never see it coming. Unless you tell them ahead of time, or they specifically ask for you to do it, this will be a fantastic surprise that will keep them from guessing what you have planned. And of course, you can always schedule out dinner or other activities after the helicopter ride. While booking it, you’ll have a good idea as to how long it will last and when you’ll get back to the airfield. So if you’re looking to completely surprise the person for their birthday you need to book the thrill of a lifetime with a birthday helicopter ride.

These are just five of the reasons why a birthday helicopter ride is the perfect gift. From a unique experience to offering the picture perfect venue, there’s nothing like it.

So if there’s a birthday coming up you want to celebrate in a helicopter now is the time to contact Heliventures. You’ll want to reserve your day and location ahead of time to be ready for the upcoming birthday. So, give us a call and start planning for one of the best birthday gifts possible.

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