Tips for Choosing the Best Time of Day for a Helicopter Tour

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Tips for Choosing the Best Time of Day for a Helicopter Tour

choosing the best time of day for a helicopter tour

Here at Heliventures, we are proud to offer multiple Charlotte helicopter rides to our residents as well as to visitors from out of town. Our Helicopter Tours provide stunning aerial views of some of the most iconic and beautiful views of the Charlotte area. Want to see your most familiar locations from a new vantage point? Want to see something new and exciting from the air ? Contact Heliventures today for the best helicopter tour rides in NC!

We go to great lengths to ensure each tour ride is special, thrilling, unique, and enjoyable. While tours and flight training is what we specialize in, we do offer services for more professional or business focused needs, and these include aerial film production, aerial photography, maintenance work, and utility services among others. Here at Heliventures of Charlotte, NC we want to help each customer who comes to us get the best experience possible, so we present to you today the following tips for choosing the best time of day for a helicopter tour!

Tips for choosing the best time of day for a helicopter tour

Seasonal Considerations 

Spring – Dressing in layers is often recommended as the temperatures can change by 20 degrees of more as you climb into the air. Wearing a short sleeve shirt and ringing a light jacket is often the best way to ensure you stay comfortable during the entire heli-tour.

Summer – Summer weather in North Carolina can be quite hot so be sure to prepare for that. If you are wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts when you board you may be a little chilly once full elevation has been reached. Also remember to bring water with you to stay hydrated!

Fall – The air that is a little chilly on the ground can be downright cold at higher elevations so be sure to have a jacket with you to slip on if needed while you are out in your tour. You can also bring a small blanket to wrap up in as well for a quick layer to add if needed.

Winter – Cold weather will get even colder on the tour so make sure you are warm when you start off on the ground and first get on board. Make sure you have a scarf, gloves, hat, and earmuffs to bring with you on the tour in case you need them part way through the flight!

Time of Day 

Morning – For many locations that you may want to see for a purely tourist-minded tour, mornings are a good time of day for a helicopter ride. Once the sun is over the horizon most locations are bright enough to be enjoyed without the worry of the hotter temperatures and foul weather rolling in and messing up your plans for the ride. Your heli-tour guide can help you choose the best time of day for your specific wants and needs but many areas in Charlotte are absolutely stunning in the early morning light!

Mid Day – Some places are also good to be seen in the middle of the day just as the sun gets to its higher reaches in the sky. This time of day provides ideal lighting for any surveying work but it is also the time of day where the chances for rain storms, haze, and other conditions making it hard to get a crystal-clear view of what you are trying to see. Our helicopter tour guides are experienced with the Charlotte area and know how the norms for weather and visibility and can help you determine if mid-day tours are right for you!

Late Afternoon – Later in the day, as the sun begins its descent towards the horizon, the sky lights up with brilliant colors. This time of day can be a stunning time to view the sights of Charlotte, NC from the air. Storms and weather concerns have usually subsides by late afternoon so it is a common time for heli-tours to run. The tour guides here at Heliventures can work with you to determine what sights on your must-see list are best seen against the backdrop of the late afternoon and early evening sky!

Evening – It is a little harder to get tours books for evening flights because there is a much smaller window of time for when it is safe to fly out and fewer pilots to do the tours. However, if you do book an evening heli-tour with our team of expert pilots, you will be treated to sights that will truly take your breath away. The city at night is stunning and is a sight you will not soon forget so talk to our team here at Heliventures today and see what availability we have for an evening flight for you and your group!

Other Things to Consider 

How many people are in the group: There is a limit to the number of people that can safely be taken up on a single flight as well as weight limits. So be sure to consider how many people you have with you and be aware that the group may have to be split into two or more flights.

Where you are headed on the tour: Certain areas and sights are best seen during certain times of the day. Talking with your tour guide when you make your reservations will help ensure you can get the best sights possible while you are out seeing your favorite sights.

How long you plan to be in the air: There are a number of different tour packages available so it is important to remember that the longer the flight, the more the environment will change. This includes light and visibility as well as weather concerns and temperatures.

Contact Heliventures Today 

To see Charlotte, NC from a new and breath-taking perspective, contact us today here at Heliventures and make your reservation for a helicopter tour today! We are here to answer any questions you may have and our goal is to help you have the best experience possible. We started in 1995 with a handful of helicopters and since then, Helivision has greatly increased the number of helicopters in our fleet and expanded our services and tour options. So call us today and speak to one of our team members, or fill out our request form online and make your tour reservation today! We can help you choose the best time of day for a helicopter tour and more. We can’t wait to see you and show you the wonder and beauty of seeing Charlotte from the air!

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