What To Expect On Your First Helicopter Ride

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What To Expect On Your First Helicopter Ride

Overcoming Fear Of Flying

So, your first helicopter ride is coming up. To be honest, we’re a little jealous: you’re about to take your first step into an amazing, lifelong journey.

We say “lifelong” because you’re likely to fall in love with flying in a helicopter and want to do it again and again. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves—it’s important to get this first ride just right.

Keep reading to discover our guide for what to expect on your first helicopter ride!

Choosing a Helicopter Ride

In the world of flight, the idea of choice has become a bit of a cliché. Everyone is familiar with the stewardess thanking everyone because they had a choice of flights and they chose this particular plane.

Of course, it’s true: all the passengers had a choice. And for helicopter rides, you also have a choice. That leaves you with a big question: how can you make the right choice?

First, you should do your research on different companies and the teams behind them. How many years of experience do they bring to the table? For instance, at Heliventures, our team has a combined 30,000 hours of experience flying helicopters!

The second part of your research should be to find out what people are saying about these companies. In addition to online reviews (such as reviews on Yelp or Google Reviews), you should check the customer testimonials. Every company worth their salt should have testimonials of satisfied customers ready to showcase.

Finally, you can do some price comparison. This lets you know exactly what you’ll get from a company and exactly how much you’ll pay for it. Don’t feel like you have to go for the cheapest company, though, if it means sacrificing the quality of your flight or placing your trust in a sketchy company!

All of this, of course, assumes that you are ready and willing to fly. Some people must overcome a more fundamental hurdle first: their fear of flying!

Overcoming Fear of Flying

It’s important to understand the source of your fear. If you will be overcoming fear of flying, then such understanding is crucial. And here’s the truth: your real fear is a fear of the unknown.

It’s true. Plenty of people are scared to fly, but the real source of that fear is that they do not know what could happen on the flight. That makes them feel powerless, and that powerlessness turns into fear.

Therefore, the biggest way of overcoming a fear of flying is to find ways to take control and regain your power. We’ve already discussed one of the biggest ways to do that: by choosing a reputable and reliable company, then you’ll be able to relax, knowing that you are in good hands.

The second way to overcome your fear is to do your homework. By learning about everything from helicopter turbulence to vehicle safety features, then you’ll replace your fear with knowledge.

Finally, try to talk with your pilots before the helicopter tour starts. Once you realize that they are highly-trained and immensely experienced, then you’ll no longer be worried about how they will handle your flight.

What to Wear on a Helicopter Ride

If you’re ready to fly, there’s a simple question you may have: “what should I wear?” However, that simple question actually has some pretty complex answers!

This is because most of our helicopter fashion tips are about a striking a balance. Specifically, you’ll want to strike a balance between comfortable clothing and fitted clothing.

Fitted clothes are a good idea because if your clothes are too loose, they may try flying up into the rotors. At the same time, you may want to wear layers of clothing—this lets you better control your temperature inside the cabin while also giving you more fashion options once you’re away from the rotors.

When it comes to shoes, they need to be a combination of stability and safety. Sure, wear something comfortable, but leave your heels and sandals back at home.

For pants, we recommend wearing full-length jeans. This material is durable and keeps you warm, all while giving you a safe place to tuck your shirt.

Finally, when it comes to clothing color, darker is better. There is nothing that people like to do on a helicopter ride so much as taking pictures of themselves. And if your clothes are too light, then they may cause an annoying glare against the glass in your photos.

Helicopter Safety Tips

Whether it’s your first helicopter ride or your fiftieth, there are a few things you can do to make it a safer ride. We’ve assembled just a few of those things here below to make you aware of helicopter safety protocol.

First, pay attention to any instruction or briefing offered by the pilot. He has been trained to keep you safe, and anything he says to you is something designed to help meet that goal.

Speaking of listening to the pilot, be sure to follow their instructions when it comes to entering into or exiting the helicopter. We can’t really overstate this: if the rotors are still moving, then your very life could depend on paying attention to the instructions!

While approaching your helicopter and also while you’re inside of it, make sure that you have secured any of your personal belongings that you think could blow away. And while you really shouldn’t have any loose clothing on, make sure you secure any clothing that may be a little too loose.

Don’t forget the golden rule: if any of your belongings fly away, don’t try to chase them down. Trained staff will assist in the search for these items when they can, but if you go running out after your things, you may be putting your life in danger.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to expect before taking your first helicopter ride. But do you know who will be providing that ride?

Here at Heliventures, we truly believe that the sky is your limit. If you’re ready to see the world like never before, all you have to do is give us a call!


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