Love is in the Air! Why You Should Consider Helicopter Proposals

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Love is in the Air! Why You Should Consider Helicopter Proposals

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So, you’re in love and things are getting serious. The next big step is clearly marriage…but before you get there, you have to get engaged! For that truly special someone, you’ll want to have a truly special engagement. What’s the answer? A helicopter proposal!

Curious as to the reason why? Keep reading to learn more about the importance of unique wedding proposals and what makes a helicopter proposal the most special of them all.

Why Is a Unique Proposal Important?

We’ve got some solid information in this article about getting engaged on a helicopter tour. This is just one of many recent unique proposal ideas. However, you may have a really fundamental question: why is a unique wedding proposal so important?

It’s a fair question. After all, entire generations of your family got engaged in traditional (and usually very private) ways. The focus on unique proposals is a relatively recent phenomenon, and you can blame it on two things: social media and reality television.

Now, the act of getting engaged to someone is a spectacle that you can watch on national TV. And stories about cool and creative engagements? Those have become the kinds of inspirational viral stories that everyone loves to share via social media.

It’s part of a larger trend that’s been developing for a while: the idea of being “Facebook official.” This means that major announcements aren’t really official until you’ve told the world via social media. So, long story short: your wedding proposal is already a story that’s going to get shared by your significant other on social media. Why not make sure it’s the best story ever? You have to really work at this, though, as you have a lot of competition for good ideas.

Unique Proposal Ideas

As we mentioned, there’s a lot of competition when it comes to having a unique wedding proposal. We think a helicopter proposal is as good as it gets. However, you may be wondering: what are some other creative proposal ideas?

One classic idea that never goes out of style is a photo booth engagement. The idea is simple: the two of you go into a booth that is set to take four or more photos. You pop the question as the photos start, and boom! You have a permanent photographic record of your partner’s reaction to the big question.

A more low key idea is to let your cat or dog do some of the work. This means attaching a note or card to the pet’s collar with a message along the lines of “will you marry my owner?” It’s lowkey and low-budget, but pretty unforgettable, as it ties a beloved pet and the humor of a talking animal to your engagement story. Plus, you know…that animal has a vested interest in who they’ll be living with!

Another idea is to get engaged while you’re on a merry-go-round. Many people get engaged in the fall when there are plenty of fairs and festivals going on. By getting engaged at the top of the turning wheel, you’ll combine an unforgettable memory with a really awesome view.

Why Get Engaged on a Helicopter Tour?

So, all of the ideas we mentioned are really good. But we saved the best for last! Because take it from us: getting engaged on a helicopter ride is an experience your partner will never forget.

First of all, it gives you the best view in the world. If you think your partner would dig, say, looking out at a fair from the merry-go-round, just imagine how they will feel looking down on an entire town!

And with helicopter tours, you can really customize this experience. If you have a favorite memory of going on your first date in the downtown area, you can make sure the helicopter is over the beloved spot before you pop the question.

Also, simply put, a helicopter ride is really exhilarating! Various psychological studies over the years have come to a simple conclusion: couples thrive when they enjoy new experiences together. So not only is the helicopter ride thrilling and fun, it’s something that you and your partner may never have done together, and sharing a new experience like this creates some major intimacy.

A helicopter proposal is beautiful, thrilling, and unforgettable. And best of all, it plants the seeds for your relationship to be a long and happy one!

Getting Ready for the Long Term

This may sound like an odd comparison, but a long-term relationship is a lot like a long-term career. That means it’s not enough to just enjoy being in the moment: ideally, you need to be planning for five, ten, even fifteen years from now!

What does that mean for young couples? It means that you need to be planning the kinds of experiences, adventures, and memories that will be a foundation for a long-lasting relationship. And that’s the true importance of a unique wedding proposal.

Some people are skeptical about special proposals because they think it’s a gimmick or they think that this should be a private occasion. However, the partner receiving the proposal sees something different. They see and understand that their partner spent a lot of time, thought, and preparation on creating an unforgettable event.

On a primal level, that person understands that a partner willing to put so much commitment behind a single moment on a single day will be willing to put that level of commitment in their relationship. In this way, a helicopter proposal is more than a thrilling experience and an unforgettable memory. It’s also the foundation for your fairytale romance that will have the ending both of you deserve: “happily ever after.”

Contact Heliventures today and see how we can make the happiest day of your life one that neither of you will ever forget.

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