How to Prepare for a Kids Helicopter Ride

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How to Prepare for a Kids Helicopter Ride

kids helicopter ride

Taking a helicopter tour with your child is a fantastic way to bond and to give them a brand-new experience. It will be a thrilling ride they won’t soon forget and will talk about for years to come. It’s something they’ll tell their friends and teachers about with unbridled enthusiasm. However, while they will most likely thoroughly enjoy the ride, you still want to prepare them for the experience.

First-time helicopter riders, especially younger children, may feel a bit uneasy with the idea of lifting off from the ground and being confined to a small space. Due to this, you need to prepare your child for a kids helicopter ride. Thankfully it won’t take much, and they will quickly grow more and more excited about the upcoming flight. From our own experience, here are a few tips and suggestions for how you can go about preparing your kid.

Tips and Suggestions on How to Prepare for a Kids Helicopter Ride

From our own experience, here are a few tips and suggestions for how you can go about preparing your child for a kids helicopter ride:

Go Over What Your Child Should Expect

Even if you have never been on a helicopter ride before you will probably have a good idea of what to expect. You know it is going to be noisy and that you’ll be in a smaller space for the duration of the ride. You know you’ll have a headset on to help buffer out the sound of the helicopter ride. These are all things your child will not know about, which is why you should go over what to expect with your child.

The noise is one thing a child will not expect and, for some, if they are not expecting it the sound may be a bit frightening at first. Thankfully it doesn’t need to be. As long as you go over what will be going on with the helicopter ride in the way of noise they will be prepared for it. We can also fill you in on some specifics if you’d like, so then you can talk to your child about it.

Tell your child about the headphones they will wear. We’ve found some kids absolutely love the headphones. It makes them feel like they are action heroes or about to pilot the helicopter themselves. If they love Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, or any other superhero, tell them those characters would all wear the same kind of equipment. This way not only will your child be excited about the ride, but they’ll feel like superheroes themselves.

Get Your Child Accustomed To Heights

Being up somewhere tall can be exciting for some children. It can also be pretty frightening for others who have never done it. You need to have an idea of how your child might react before taking off. You don’t want them to become anxious or develop a panic attack when high off the ground.

One of the best ways to do this is to take them into the city and go up in a skyscraper and have them look down. Let them know everything is okay and that they are safe. This will help them feel comfortable with heights before boarding the helicopter.

Read Books To Your Child

There are all kinds of kid’s books out there that detail flying on a helicopter. If you have a younger child this is a great way to introduce them to the idea of flying. Whether they are fans of Curious George or they just like colorful books in general, there is no shortage of books out there. You can head to the local library or browse your favorite book store for a few helicopter books. This way you can gauge their temperature on any kind of excitement by riding in a helicopter. Of course, make sure to read through the book first. You don’t want to accidentally select a book that has any kind of helicopter accident or disaster taking place (you never know with Curious George sometimes).

Let Your Child Help You Pick Out The Kids Helicopter Ride Tour

At Heliventure there are all kinds of tour options to select. While you can pick it out yourself you’ll be missing out on a great opportunity to sit down with your child and help them pick out an adventure both of you will like. Perhaps there is something they would love to fly over. Do they like cars and car racing? You can fly over the race track and take in a bird’s eye view of the track. Maybe they love the Carolina Panthers? You can fly over the stadium here as well. You can fly by the city and see the cityscape as it lights up or just about any other structure or park in the area.

This way you can not only help build their excitement in the flight, but they will also have a better idea of what they will be seeing while in the helicopter.

It Doesn’t Take Much To Ready Your Child For A Lifelong Memory

The beauty of a kids helicopter ride is it is something they will remember for the rest of their life. There will be plenty of activities you do with your child they may not recall when they’re older (try to think back to when you were a little kid and you’ll probably find several activities are fuzzy in your memory at best). However, a helicopter ride will make such an impact and be such a new adventure that they will always remember it. It’ll be one of those activities that stick with them. They not only will tell their friends about it, but they’ll tell their own kids about it someday (and who knows what kind of transportation we’ll have when that time comes).

If you’re ready for a lifetime of memories, now is the perfect time to book your kids helicopter ride with Heliventures. So look through the offered tours, or feel free to give us a call about special, personalized tours. We’ll work with you to create the perfect, once in a lifetime helicopter tour for your entire family.

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