A Romantic Helicopter Ride – The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

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A Romantic Helicopter Ride – The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

romantic helicopter ride

Valentine’s Day is when you need to break out all the stops for your significant other. They might want to play it down and say they don’t care, but secretly they want you to surprise them with something out of this world – like a romantic helicopter ride!

And unless you have the millions of dollars it costs to hop aboard a Russian space shuttle you’ll need to look for another way to escape the standard Valentine’s Day date night (where the “special dinners” costs are almost on par with that trip to outer space).

Instead, why not consider a romantic helicopter ride? There’s just something about the steady motion of a helicopter and your ability to glide through the sky, right above the city you know so well. So, if you’re stuck on what kind of V-Day gift to purchase, give something you know they’ve never done before: a helicopter ride by Heliventures.

Try Something New

Let’s face it, there are only so many activities you can do on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you have a different significant other this year and you can begin recirculating your ideas from previous relationships, but that is neither romantic or original. And you will run the risk of one of your buddies blowing your cover.

It only takes one person to accidentally say out loud “hey, isn’t that what you did with Suzie,” or “hey, didn’t you and Dan do that last year?” That one accidental slip can quickly turn what should have been a fun memory shared with a new significant other to a night of arguments for retreading V-Day ideas.

There is a lot of pressure to have a great Valentine’s Day. Even if nobody is putting pressure on you there’s a good chance you can feel it. There’s that sense of if you don’t have a great day and others had a better one you’re, in a strange way, a Valentine’s Day failure. Well, don’t be a V-Day failure.

In fact, be the couple that everyone else marvels at. To do this you just need to have something in your bag of tricks that will be unlike anything else your friends and their significant others are doing. With a romantic helicopter ride you are almost guaranteed to capture the title of “Best Valentine’s Day” among your friends.

On Valentine’s Day Or Another Day

Opting for a helicopter tour and romantic helicopter ride for a Valentine’s Day gift will be a great way to surprise your special someone. You just need to decide how you want to gift it. First, you can plan out the day around the tour. You can schedule the romantic helicopter ride to be on Valentine’s Day and then head on out for the ride. Or, if that doesn’t work, you can always present this as the gift and then schedule it for a later date.

Now, in terms of pure romantic gestures, we have to admit the first option is the best. There’s just something about surprising your special someone with the ride. Don’t tell them what you’re planning and just have them be totally blown away when the two of you arrive for the flight. But, we fully understand this isn’t always a possibility. You might find that the available schedule doesn’t work with the time block you have. In this instance, you might want to purchase the gift certificate for the ride and then schedule it another day.

You can also schedule it before Valentine’s Day if you’d like. The day before is actually a great way to really surprise your special someone. They won’t be on high alert for possible surprises if you do it the day before, which means you’ll really take their breath away. You just need to do what works best for the two of you and your schedule.

And if you have any questions regarding the booking or what the best course of action is just give us a call. We will do everything in our power to work with you and make sure everything lines up as perfectly as possible.

Enjoy The City In a Totally New Way

Getting a new viewpoint will completely change the way you look at the city. Even if you have lived in Charlotte your entire life if you haven’t viewed it from the air you’re missing out. Viewing the city from a helicopter is like viewing an interactive map. You can fly about it, look at different attractions, and really get a better idea of how the entire city comes together. And the beauty of viewing the city from the sky is always changing. There is always something new to see. So even if you have taken a helicopter tour in the past, you’ll see something new this time around.

The city takes on a different vibe in the winter than it does in the summer. As new constructions go up, it changes the skyline, which adds to the intrigue. Our pilots have given hundreds of helicopter tours over the years, and they almost always take away something new or see something they hadn’t before.

Some Of The Sights You’ll Fly Over

It’s pretty amazing how much a single tour can pack in. During the tour you will see such hot spots as Lake Norman, the Charlotte Motor Speedway (which can be very exciting when there is a race going on), downtown Charlotte, and so much more. And, if you’d like, you can work with us to create a unique, custom tour.

Perhaps you would like to create a map of all the important locations you and your special someone have been. Maybe there’s your first date location, then there’s the spot where you two shared your first kiss, and maybe the building where you two first saw each other.

With this option you can either go with one of our own routes, or you can make it much more personal. If you would like a personal tour that is customized to your own flight needs make sure to let us know. We can then work with you on generating the appropriate flight plan for your romantic helicopter ride on Valentine’s Day.

Be The Talk Of The Town With a Helicopter Ride

Following Valentine’s Day, friends will often get together and talk about their day. It’s the one day when couples can directly compare notes. One person will talk about the restaurant they went to. Someone else will open up about whatever activity they did.

Everyone will agree the prices they paid for dinner was highway robbery. But that’s when you’re able to chime in. Because while your friends probably had fun wherever they went and whatever they did, they won’t be able to compete with a romantic helicopter ride.

In almost all situations a romantic helicopter ride trumps all. There will always be the couple that friends talk about and say “why can’t that be us” or “I wish you’d do something like that for me.” You can either be the couple everyone else envies about, or you can be the one doing the envying.

So blow your significant other and your friends away with a romantic helicopter ride from Heliventures. It won’t be like any other Valentine’s Day experience.

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