Top Highlights of Charlotte Helicopter Rides with Heliventures

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Top Highlights of Charlotte Helicopter Rides with Heliventures

charlotte helicopter rides

The city of Charlotte has one of the fastest growing skylines in the United States, but have you ever taken it in from the actual sky? A birdseye view brings with it a truly unique experience you simply can’t take in from ground level. Instead of seeing a single city block at a time, from the air you can take in the entire city. But how can you go about doing this? With Heliventures. As a leader in Charlotte helicopter rides and tours there are all kinds of reasons why you’ll want to take advantage of Charlotte helicopter ride(s) offered.

Proposal Helicopter Rides

The best proposals are often those that combine both out of this world activities with a personalization both you and your significant other will remember for the rest of your lives. What better way to do this than with a proposal Charlotte helicopter ride?

The team at Heliventures wants to help make your proposal truly memorable, so make sure to talk with the team ahead of time. The pilots know some of the best destinations for breathtaking scenery. So whether you are interested in a sunset ride or there is a specific destination you’d like to fly over during your proposal, Heliventure wants to work with you.

It is important to discuss your flight desires with the pilots before the day, as some destinations may require approval for fly-overs (although typically this can be arranged with some notice). So whether you want to fly over the location of your first date, take your significant other on a tour of the most important locations in your relationship, or you just want to hover in the sky as the sun begins to set, Heliventure is here to work with you in making your Charlotte helicopter rides a truly memorable experience.

Sightseeing Helicopter Rides

In many ways, Charlotte is even more beautiful from the sky than it is by land. It’s truly incredible how different some of the locations look when experiencing it from above for the first time. Even the cityscape is memorizing, especially as the lights of the city begin to turn on while the sun starts to dip over the horizon. If you’re interested in experiencing the city from above, the pilots at Heliventure can take you to some of the top spots in the city. And don’t worry, you won’t have to guess where you are or what you’re looking at (because at such a different viewing angle there are a handful of natural locations you may not be able to identify from the air) as the pilots will fill you in on everything you’re flying over while in the air.

Event Helicopter Rides

Have you ever watched a sporting event and, when the television crew shows the view from a fly-over blimp, want to experience something similar? Well, you don’t need to win a raffle or spend an insane amount of money for a slow moving blimp ride. Instead, you can book yourself a helicopter flyover. With a helicopter you’ll be able to take in a similar viewing experience, all without sitting on the blimp for hours just to fly a few miles.

But what kind of events can Heliventure fly over? Sure, there are Carolina Panther football games in the fall, or you might want to fly over a local college game if you’re a big sports fan. However, there are plenty of other event opportunities to choose from.

Tuck Fest at the U.S. National Whitewater Center is always a popular event. The four-day festival can see upwards of 50,000 visitors, so seeing just the large gathering move about the area is an interesting sight in itself. Or, maybe you want to fly over the upcoming North Carolina Brewers and Music Festival. With the Charlotte helicopter rides you can take in the event from a bird’s eye view and possibly scope out some of the activities you’d like to take in later once the ride is done.

Are you a fan of NASCAR? If so, a helicopter ride may be one of the very best ways to take in the race and other activities. Even if you’ve been in the grandstands for the race, you may want to see it from above. This way you can take in the full racing track, instead of just the small portion right in front of you. There is the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race you can fly over, or you may even want to fly over Speed Street, which takes place every May. Seeing the hundreds of thousands of visitors take to the street festival in Uptown Charlotte is a sight to be seen. Plus, as this event takes several days, you can fly over the event prior to the race later during the weekend.

Anniversary Helicopter Rides

Looking to make your next anniversary a special one? Why not take to the sky? There’s no better way to start (or end) a romantic day together than stepping onto a helicopter and flying over the city. If there is a special location you want to fly over just let the team at Heliventure know in advance, and they will do everything in their power to make it happen. Perhaps you’d like to fly over where you first popped the question, or maybe your spouse just loves sunsets and you want to give them the most incredible sunset they’ve ever experienced. Whatever you’re looking for in your anniversary flight, Heliventure will give you a truly memorable Charlotte helicopter rides.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Charlotte from the sky now is your chance. Heliventure offers a number of unique helicopter experiences. So whether you want to fly over a Panther’s game in the fall, or you’re interested in popping the question for your significant other during a spring sunset, Heliventure is here to work with you and make it happen. All you need to do is reach out to the team. From there, the pilots and other members of Heliventure will take it from there.


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